Strategi Buruh Perempuan dalam Memperjuangkan Hak-hak Normatif pada PT Gorom Kencana Surabaya

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Amalia Rizki Putri Pradita
Pambudi Handoyo


Talking about female labor certainly can not be separated from its normative rights. But in fact,
there are still many companies whose majority of the female workforce has not fully
implemented and fulfilled the normative rights of female workers, one of which is PT Gorom
Kencana. According to Marxist Feminism it is caused by capitalism that dominates the structure
of people's lives. So that makes women workers carry out strategies to fight for normative rights.
This research aims to find out how the strategy of female workers at PT Gorom Kencana in
fighting for normative rights. This research uses qualitative methods with a Marxist feminism
perspective. The location of this research was conducted at PT Gorom Kencana Surabaya. The
subject of this study was the female laborer of PT Gorom Kencana. The results of this study
show that the strategy carried out by female workers of PT Gorom Kencana in fighting for
normative rights is divided into two forms, namely closed and open strategies. The closed
strategy is to gather female workers who have the same goal, invite other female workers to join
the union, hold meetings, discussions and follow the briefing and open strategy is to take action
in front of the PT Gorom Kencana building, conduct reports on the government bureaucracy,
publish on social media and international news pages. In the fight for normative rights, female
workers also experience constraints caused by internal and external factors. Internal factors are
personal factors that cause workers can not participate in the fight for normative rights such as
family events, sudden affairs and falling ill. While external factors are factors caused from
outside the personal of female workers such as patriarchal society environment and lack of
attention from government bureaucracy.
Keywords : Strategy, Women’s Labour, Normative Rights

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